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DistrictDistrict of Columbia
CityWashington, DC
Case Number1:2017cv00340
Date Filed2017-02-27
Date ClosedOpen
JudgeChief Judge Beryl A. Howell
Case DescriptionThe Energy & Environment Legal Institute submitted a FOIA request to the Department of State for electronic communications between specific agency employees that mentioned China from April 2016 to January 2017. EELI narrowed the request by indicating that it did not want press clippings or opinion pieces, but emails with substantive comments about China. After hearing nothing further from the agency, EELI filed suit.
Complaint issues: Failure to respond within statutory time limit, Litigation - Attorney's fees

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2017-02-271COMPLAINT against UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE ( Filing fee $ 400 receipt number 0090-4855350) filed by ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT LEGAL INSTITUTE. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet, # 2 Summons to Civil Process Clerk of US Attorney, # 3 Summons To United States Department of State, # 4 Summons to Attorney General)(Mandelbaum, Chaim) (Entered: 02/27/2017)
2017-02-27Case Assigned to Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell. (zsb) (Entered: 02/27/2017)
2017-02-272SUMMONS (3) Issued Electronically as to UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE, U.S. Attorney and U.S. Attorney General (Attachment: # 1 Consent Form)(zsb) (Entered: 02/27/2017)
2017-02-283STANDING ORDER. Signed by Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell on February 28, 2017. (lcbah4) (Entered: 02/28/2017)
2017-03-014NOTICE of Appearance by Christopher Cochran Horner on behalf of ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT LEGAL INSTITUTE (Horner, Christopher) (Entered: 03/01/2017)
2017-03-295NOTICE of Appearance by Marina Utgoff Braswell on behalf of UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE (Braswell, Marina) (Entered: 03/29/2017)
2017-04-066ANSWER to Complaint by UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE.(Braswell, Marina) (Entered: 04/06/2017)
2017-04-177NOTICE of Appearance by Matthew D. Hardin on behalf of All Plaintiffs (Hardin, Matthew) (Entered: 04/17/2017)
2017-04-208PROPOSED BRIEFING SCHEDULE by UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE. (Braswell, Marina) Modified event title on 4/21/2017 (znmw). (Entered: 04/20/2017)
2017-04-21MINUTE ORDER (paperless) ISSUING, upon consideration of the parties' 8 Joint Proposed Schedule, the following SCHEDULING ORDER to control further proceedings in this matter: (1) the defendant shall, by May 22, 2017, make the first of monthly interim releases of nonexempt and responsive documents, and provide the plaintiff with an estimated date of completion, and (2) the parties shall, by May 25, 2017, file a further joint proposed schedule. Signed by Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell on April 21, 2017. (lcbah4) (Entered: 04/21/2017)
2017-04-21Set/Reset Deadlines: Defendant's first monthly interim release and estimated date of completion due by 5/22/2017; Joint Status Report due by 5/25/2017. (tg) (Entered: 04/21/2017)
2017-05-259Joint STATUS REPORT by UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE. (Attachments: # 1 Stein Declaration)(Braswell, Marina) (Entered: 05/25/2017)
2017-05-31MINUTE ORDER (paperless) DIRECTING, upon consideration of the parties' 9 Joint Status Report, the parties to file, by June 27, 2017, a further Joint Status Report proposing a schedule to govern future proceedings in this matter. Signed by Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell on May 31, 2017. (lcbah4) (Entered: 05/31/2017)
2017-06-01Set/Reset Deadlines: Joint Status Report due by 6/27/2017. (tg) (Entered: 06/01/2017)
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