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Case TitleChapman v. Office of Management and Budget
DistrictNorthern District of Illinois
Case Number1:2018cv04269
Date Filed2018-06-20
Date ClosedOpen
JudgeHonorable John J. Tharp, Jr
PlaintiffMatthew Chapman
Case DescriptionMatthew Chapman submitted a FOIA request to OMB for records concerning metadata contained in emails sent to extensions ending in "" during January 2017. The agency acknowledged receipt of the request, but rejected it as being too broad. Chapman then narrowed his request to a seven-day time frame. After hearing nothing further from the agency, Chapman filed suit.
Complaint issues: Litigation - Attorney's fees, Failure to respond within statutory time limit, Public Interest Fee Waiver

DefendantOffice of Management and Budget
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2018-06-201COMPLAINT filed by Matthew Chapman; Filing fee $ 400, receipt number 0752-14607304. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit Exhibit 4)(Massoglia, Daniel) (Entered: 06/20/2018)
2018-06-202CIVIL Cover Sheet (Massoglia, Daniel) (Entered: 06/20/2018)
2018-06-203ATTORNEY Appearance for Plaintiff Matthew Chapman by Daniel E Massoglia (Massoglia, Daniel) (Entered: 06/20/2018)
2018-06-20CASE ASSIGNED to the Honorable John J. Tharp, Jr. Designated as Magistrate Judge the Honorable Jeffrey T. Gilbert. (ec, ) (Entered: 06/20/2018)
2018-06-20SUMMONS Issued as to Office of Management and Budget, U.S. Attorney, and U.S. Attorney General (ec, ) (Entered: 06/20/2018)
2018-06-214NOTICE TO THE PARTIES - The Court is participating in the Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot (MIDP). The key features and deadlines are set forth in this Notice which includes a link to the (MIDP) Standing Order and a Checklist for use by the parties. In cases subject to the pilot, all parties must respond to the mandatory initial discovery requests set forth in the Standing Order before initiating any further discovery in this case. Please note: The discovery obligations in the Standing Order supersede the disclosures required by Rule 26(a)(1). Any party seeking affirmative relief must serve a copy of the following documents (Notice of Mandatory Initial Discovery and the Standing Order) on each new party when the Complaint, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, or Third-Party Complaint is served. (sxb, ) (Entered: 06/21/2018)
2018-06-215ATTORNEY Appearance for Plaintiff Matthew Chapman by Mariana Karampelas (Karampelas, Mariana) (Entered: 06/21/2018)
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