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Case TitleJuan Jose Carvajal Ramirez v. U.S.Department of State et al
DistrictCentral District of California
CityWestern Division - Los Angeles
Case Number2:2021cv08445
Date Filed2021-10-25
Date ClosedOpen
JudgeJudge Stephen V. Wilson
PlaintiffJuan Jose Carvajal Ramirez
Case DescriptionJuan Jose Carvajal Ramirez submitted FOIA requests to the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security for records concerning his immigration status. Ramirez also asked for expedited processing. The agencies denied his requests for expedited processing. Ramirez filed an administrative appeal. After hearing nothing further from either agency, Ramirez filed suit.
Complaint issues: Failure to respond within statutory time limit, Litigation - Vaughn index, Public Interest Fee Waiver, Litigation - Attorney's fees

DefendantUnited States Deparment of State
DefendantUnited States Department of Homeland Security
DefendantUnited States Citizenship and Immigration Service
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2021-10-251COMPLAINT Receipt No: ACACDC-32213968 - Fee: $402, filed by Plaintiff Juan Carvajal Ramirez. (Attorney Peter A Schey added to party Juan Carvajal Ramirez(pty:pla))(Schey, Peter) (Entered: 10/25/2021)
2021-10-252COMPLAINT with filing fee previously paid ($402 paid on 10/25/2021, receipt number 055722), filed by Plaintiff Juan Carvajal Ramirez. (Attachments: # 1 DOS Summons, # 2 DHS Summons, # 3 USCIS Summons, # 4 Certificate of Interested Parties)(Schey, Peter) (Entered: 10/25/2021)
2021-10-273NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT to District Judge Stephen V. Wilson and Magistrate Judge Rozella A. Oliver. (car) (Entered: 10/27/2021)
2021-10-274NOTICE TO PARTIES OF COURT-DIRECTED ADR PROGRAM filed. (car) (Entered: 10/27/2021)
2021-10-275Notice to Counsel Re Consent to Proceed Before a United States Magistrate Judge. (car) (Entered: 10/27/2021)
2021-10-276NOTICE OF DEFICIENCIES in Attorney Case Opening RE: Complaint (Attorney Civil Case Opening), 2 . The following error(s) was found: The Civil Cover Sheet, Request for Summons and Certificate of Interested Parties were all erroneously e-filed under the wrong event of Complaint. All these documents should be e-filed separately under the correct event. The summons(es) will be not be issued until this defect is corrected. Civil Cover Sheet event is located under Civil Events Other Filings Miscellaneous Filings. Summons Request is located under Civil Events Service Documents Service/Waivers of Summons and Complaints. Certificate of Interested Parties is located under Civil Events Other Filings Notices. (car) (Entered: 10/27/2021)
2021-10-287NEW CASE ORDER upon filing of the complaint by Judge Stephen V. Wilson. (pc) (Entered: 10/28/2021)
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