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Case TitleHawkinson v. EOIR
DistrictDistrict of Massachusetts
Case Number1:2021cv11817
Date Filed2021-11-09
Date ClosedOpen
JudgeMagistrate Judge M. Page Kelley
PlaintiffPro Se Party John A. Hawkinson
Case DescriptionJohn Hawkinson, a freelance reporter, submitted a FOIA request to the Executive Office for Immigration Review for records concerning Microsoft Word versions of all Board of Immigration Appeals decisions within BIA's data library that originate from Boston or Hartford and contain the text "alternatives to detention" or "alternatives-to-detention." The agency acknowledged receipt of the request but closed it because it was duplicative of a previous request. Hawkinson then filed an administrative appeal to the Office of Information Policy at DOJ. After hearing nothing further from the agency, Hawkinson filed suit.
Complaint issues: Failure to respond within statutory time limit, Public Interest Fee Waiver, Litigation - Attorney's fees

DefendantEOIR a component of the US Department of Justice
also known as Executive Office for Immigration Review
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2021-11-091COMPLAINT against EOIR, filed by John A. Hawkinson. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet, # 2 Category Form)(Geraldino-Karasek, Clarilde) (Additional attachment(s) added on 11/9/2021: # 3 Exhibit A, # 4 Exhibit B, # 5 Exhibit C, # 6 Exhibit D) (Geraldino-Karasek, Clarilde). (Entered: 11/09/2021)
2021-11-092Filing fee/payment: $ 402.00, receipt number 1BST087132 for 1 Complaint, (Phillips, Sophie) (Entered: 11/09/2021)
2021-11-093NOTICE of Case Assignment. Magistrate Judge M. Page Kelley assigned to case. Plaintiff's counsel, or defendant's counsel if this case was initiated by the filing of a Notice of Removal, are directed to the Notice and Procedures regarding Consent to Proceed before the Magistrate Judge which can be downloaded here . These documents will be mailed to counsel not receiving notice electronically. Pursuant to General Order 09-3, until the Court receives for filing either a consent to the Magistrate Judge's jurisdiction or the reassignment of the case to a District Judge, the initial assignment of a civil case to the Magistrate Judge is a referral to the Magistrate Judge under 28 USC 636(b) for all pretrial non-dispositive matters and Report and Recommendations, but not for the Rule 16(b) scheduling conference. (Finn, Mary) (Entered: 11/09/2021)
2021-11-094FILED IN ERROR. (DaSilva, Carolina). (Entered: 11/09/2021)
2021-11-095MOTION for Leave to file electronically Pro Se by John A. Hawkinson.(Geraldino-Karasek, Clarilde) (Entered: 11/09/2021)
2021-11-096FILED IN ERROR (DaSilva, Carolina). (Entered: 11/09/2021)
2021-11-097Summons Issued as to EOIR. Counsel receiving this notice electronically should download this summons, complete one for each defendant and serve it in accordance with Fed.R.Civ.P. 4 and LR 4.1. Summons will be mailed to plaintiff(s) not receiving notice electronically for completion of service. (Geraldino-Karasek, Clarilde) (Entered: 11/09/2021)
2021-11-098Notice of correction to docket made by Court staff. Correction: Docket Entries 4 and 6 corrected because: incorrect summons issued. Please refer to docket entry 7 for FOIA Summons Issued as to Defendant, EOIR. (Geraldino-Karasek, Clarilde) (Entered: 11/09/2021)
2021-11-109Magistrate Judge M. Page Kelley: ELECTRONIC ORDER entered granting 5 Motion for leave to electronically file Pro Se. The court grants permission on the condition that plaintiff satisfies all applicable training and other requirements for pro se litigants as stated in the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures, Page 5. Plaintiff is directed to complete the registration form available through . Pro se e-filing account instructions . (Ferguson, Kerry) (Entered: 11/10/2021)
2021-11-1010SUMMONS Returned Executed as to US Attorney by John A. Hawkinson. EOIR served on 11/9/2021, answer due 12/9/2021. (Hawkinson, John) (Entered: 11/10/2021)
2021-11-1011SUMMONS Returned Executed EOIR served on 11/10/2021, answer due 12/10/2021. (Hawkinson, John) (Entered: 11/10/2021)
2021-11-1012SUMMONS Returned Executed by John A. Hawkinson., SUMMONS Returned Executed by John A. Hawkinson. (Attachments: # 1 Proof of service upon Attorney General of the United States)(Hawkinson, John) (Entered: 11/10/2021)
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