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Civil Division
Agency within Department of Justice

"The Civil Division represents the United States in any civil or criminal matter within its scope of responsibility protecting the United States Treasury, ensuring that the federal government speaks with one voice in its view of the law, preserving the intent of Congress, and advancing the credibility of the government before the courts."

Where Suits are Filed

Status  Year  City 
Cases filed within: 7 days 30 days over 30 days
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Docket Number Filed Case Title

Request Backlogs and Processing Times

Most Recent Data, for the Month of June 2016
TrackPending CasesClosed Cases
All145 cases
average 292 days pending
46 cases
average 139 days to close
Simple139 cases
average 249 days pending
42 cases
average 90 days to close
Complex6 cases
average 1,000 days pending
4 cases
average 653 days to close


Would you like us to consider your request to Civil or lawsuit against Civil as a FOIA Project Case Spotlight?
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by Michael Hasan
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