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Case TitleDNI, et al v. Dept of Peace Corps, et al
DistrictSouthern District of Ohio
Case Number3:2002cv00511
Date Filed2002-11-01
Date Closed2003-06-06
JudgeJudge Thomas M Rose
PlaintiffDayton Newspapers, Inc
PlaintiffRussell Carollo
DefendantDepartment of the Peace Corps
DefendantOffice of Inspector General, Peace Corps
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2002-11-011COMPLAINT ( no. pgs: 7 w/attachments) (rp) (Entered: 11/04/2002)
2002-11-01Filing Fee Paid: on 11/1/02 in the amount of $ 150, receipt # 315371. (rp) (Entered: 11/04/2002)
2002-11-042CORPORATE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT by plaintiff DNI ( no pgs: 1) (rp) (Entered: 11/04/2002)
2002-11-123Summons issued as to defendants by certified mail pursuant to LR 4.2 (no. pgs: 1+) (km) (Entered: 11/13/2002)
2002-11-154RETURN OF SERVICE executed Certified Mail Service upon Local AUSA on 11/14/02 ( no pgs: 1 w/green card attached) (sc) (Entered: 11/15/2002)
2002-11-195Summons issued by Clerk as to defendant Dept of Peace Corps (ph) (Entered: 11/20/2002)
2002-11-256RETURN OF SERVICE by Service thru the Clerk's Office executed upon defendant Dept of Peace Corps and US Attorney's Office in Washington, DC on 11/18/02 ( no pgs: 2 - green cards) (rp) (Entered: 11/25/2002)
2002-11-267RETURN OF SERVICE executed upon defendant OIG Peace Corps and Attorney General by certified mail service thru the Clerk's Office on 11/23/02 ( no pgs: 2) (rp) Modified on 12/05/2002 (Entered: 11/27/2002)
2002-12-208ANSWER by defendant Dept of Peace Corps, defendant OIG Peace Corps ( no pgs: 6) (rp) (Entered: 12/23/2002)
2003-01-039NOTICE setting this action for Preliminary PTC 8:30 3/19/03 no pgs: 2 (cc: all counsel) Rule 26 Packet and Amended General Order enclosed (rp) (Entered: 01/03/2003)
2003-03-1210Rule 26(f) Report of parties to Judge Rose filed by plaintiff DNI, plaintiff Russell Carollo, defendant Dept of Peace Corps, defendant OIG Peace Corps ( no pgs: 4) (rp) (Entered: 03/13/2003)
2003-03-2111ORDER RESCHEDULING PPTC by Judge Thomas M. Rose ; Prelim pretrial conf reset for 4/16/03 at 9:00 (cc: all counsel) ( no pgs: 1) (rp) (Entered: 03/24/2003)
2003-04-1712AMENDED RE-SCHEDULING ENTRY by Judge Thomas M. Rose ; Status conference by phone reset from 4/16/03 at 9:00 to 5/21/03 at 8:45 (cc: all counsel) ( no pgs: 1) (sc) (Entered: 04/17/2003)
2003-06-0613ORDER - case settled; 60 days to reopen if settlement not consummated by Judge Thomas M. Rose dismissing case (cc: all counsel) ( no pgs: 1) (re) (Entered: 06/10/2003)
2003-06-2414STIPULATION by the parties ; Defendants stipulate to production of documents by 7/16/03 ; Plaintiffs agree to dismiss this action with prejudice within ten days of receipt of the documents referred to herein ( no pgs: 2) (tt) (Entered: 06/26/2003)
2003-07-2515STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE by the parties pursuant to FRCP 41(a)(1); each side to pay their own costs and legal fees ; case previously terminated per Order [13-1] [13-2] filed 6/6/03 ( no pgs: 2) (rp) (Entered: 07/28/2003)
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