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Case TitleWildEarth Guardians v. United States Fish and Wildlife Service
DistrictDistrict of New Mexico
Case Number1:2016cv00943
Date Filed2016-08-18
Date Closed2017-02-21
JudgeChief Judge M. Christina Armijo
PlaintiffWildEarth Guardians
Case DescriptionWildEarth Guardians submitted two FOIA requests to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for records concerning communications between the agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation pertaining to compliance with the Endangered Species Act. WildEarth Guardians contacted the agency several times concerning the requests but was told that the agency was still processing them. WildEarth Guardians then filed suit.
Complaint issues: Failure to respond within statutory time limit, Litigation - Attorney's fees

DefendantUnited States Fish and Wildlife Service an agency of the United States Department of the Interior
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2016-08-181COMPLAINT against United States Fish and Wildlife Service ( Filing Fee - Online Payment), filed by WildEarth Guardians. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet)(Sugarman, Steven) (Entered: 08/18/2016)
2016-08-18Filing and Administrative Fees Received: $ 400 receipt number 1084-4766133 re 1 Complaint filed by WildEarth Guardians (Payment made via, Steven) (Entered: 08/18/2016)
2016-08-18U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven C. Yarbrough and U. S. Magistrate Judge Kirtan Khalsa assigned. (mr) (Entered: 08/19/2016)
2016-08-192PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that this case has been randomly assigned to United States Magistrate Judge Steven C. Yarbrough to conduct dispositive proceedings in this matter, including motions and trial. Appeal from a judgment entered by a Magistrate Judge will be to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. It is the responsibility of the case filer to serve a copy of this Notice upon all parties with the summons and complaint. Consent is strictly voluntary, and a party is free to withhold consent without adverse consequences. Should a party choose to consent, notice should be made no later than 21 days after entry of the Order setting the Rule 16 Initial Scheduling Conference. For e-filers, visit our Web site at for more information and instructions. [THIS IS A TEXT-ONLY ENTRY. THERE ARE NO DOCUMENTS ATTACHED.] (mr) (Entered: 08/19/2016)
2016-08-19Summons Issued as to United States Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Attorney and U.S. Attorney General. (mr) (Entered: 08/19/2016)
2016-09-263ANSWER to 1 Complaint by United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Related document: 1 Complaint filed by WildEarth Guardians.(Lucero, Manuel) (Entered: 09/26/2016)
2016-09-274INITIAL SCHEDULING ORDER by Magistrate Judge Kirtan Khalsa. Counsel are to meet and confer by 10/25/2016. The parties' Joint Status Report and Provisional Discovery Plan is due by 11/4/2016. A Telephonic Rule 16 Initial Scheduling Conference is set for 11/15/2016 at 01:30 PM before Judge Khalsa. Counsel are to call Judge Khalsa's "Meet Me" conference line at (505) 348-2347 to connect to the proceedings. Unless otherwise notified by the Clerk or the Court a notice of consent or non-consent for this case to proceed before the trial Magistrate Judge should be submitted by each party no later than 10/18/2016. (kmt) (Entered: 09/27/2016)
2016-10-285Joint MOTION to Stay by WildEarth Guardians. (Sugarman, Steven) (Entered: 10/28/2016)
2016-10-286ORDER by Magistrate Judge Kirtan Khalsa granting 5 Motion to Stay Case for 45 Days. The case is stayed until December 12, 2016, and the Initial Scheduling Order is VACATED. The parties will report to the Court on the status of this case within five days of the expiration of the stay. THIS IS A TEXT-ONLY ENTRY. THERE ARE NO DOCUMENTS ATTACHED. (kc) (Entered: 10/28/2016)
2017-01-107PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that this case has been reassigned to Chief Judge M. Christina Armijo as the trial judge. Under D.N.M.LR-Civ. 10.1, the first page of each document must have the case file number and initials of the assigned judges. Accordingly, further documents filed in this matter must bear the case number and the judges' initials shown in the case caption and the NEF for this document. Kindly reflect this change in your filings. Magistrate Judge Steven C. Yarbrough no longer assigned to this case. [THIS IS A TEXT-ONLY ENTRY. THERE ARE NO DOCUMENTS ATTACHED.] (iam) (Entered: 01/10/2017)
2017-02-218STIPULATION of Dismissal by WildEarth Guardians (Sugarman, Steven) (Entered: 02/21/2017)
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