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Case TitleRoark v Social Security Administration, The
DistrictNorthern District of Oklahoma
Case Number4:2022cv00236
Date Filed2022-05-31
Date Closed2022-07-18
JudgeJudge Claire V Eagan
PlaintiffLance D Roark
Case DescriptionLance Roark submitted a FOIA request to the Social Security Administration for records. After hearing nothing from the agency, Roark filed suit.
Complaint issues: Failure to respond within statutory time limit

DefendantSocial Security Administration, The
AppealTenth Circuit 22-5074
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Date FiledDoc #Docket Text

2022-05-311COMPLAINT against Social Security Administration, The by Lance D Roark (ll, Dpty Clk) Modified on 6/1/2022 to replace PDF to show corrected judge assignment; edit docket text to reflect correct event; and unseal PDF (ll, Dpty Clk) (Entered: 05/31/2022)
2022-06-032MINUTE ORDER by Court Clerk , directing Lance D Roark to pay the appropriate filing fee within seven (7) days. (This entry is the Official Order of the Court. No document is attached.) (crp, Dpty Clk) (Entered: 06/03/2022)
2022-06-273ORDER by Judge Claire V Eagan that plaintiff is directed to show cause, within 10 days, or by July 5, 2022, as to 1) why he has not paid the $350 filing fee as directed by the court clerk on June 3, 2022 (Dkt. # 2); 2)why he has not filed a motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis; and 3) why this Court should not dismiss this case for plaintiff's failure to pay the requisite filing fee. , directing plaintiff to show cause( Response to Order to Show Cause due by 7/5/2022) (Re: 2 Minute Order, Directing Payment of Filing Fee ) (RGG, Chambers) (Entered: 06/27/2022)
2022-07-184ORDER by Judge Claire V Eagan that plaintiff's claim against defendant the Social Security Administration is hereby dismissed without prejudice for failure to pay the requisite filing fee. A judgment of dismissal is entered herewith dismissing plaintiff's claim against defendant. Defendant is hereby terminated as a party. (Re: 1 Social Security Complaint, 3 Order,,, Directing Party to Show Cause,,,,, ) (RGG, Chambers) (Entered: 07/18/2022)
2022-07-185JUDGMENT by Judge Claire V Eagan (JUDGMENT OF DISMISSAL) , dismissing/terminating case (terminates case) (Re: 4 Order,,, ) (RGG, Chambers) (Entered: 07/18/2022)
2022-07-18***Civil Case Terminated (see document number 5 ) (sc, Dpty Clk) (Entered: 07/19/2022)
2022-08-256MOTION to Vacate Order/Judgment (Re: 5 Judgment, Dismissing/Terminating Case, ) (blc, Dpty Clk) Modified on 8/26/2022 - Wrong event selected - see 7 for re-filing using correct event (blc, Dpty Clk). (Entered: 08/25/2022)
2022-08-257NOTICE OF APPEAL to Circuit Court (Re: 5 Judgment, Dismissing/Terminating Case, 4 Order,,, ) by Lance D Roark (blc, Dpty Clk) (Entered: 08/26/2022)
2022-08-26***Remark: forms mailed to Lance D Roark 15939 S 4915 RD BLUEJACKET, OK 74333 (Re: 7 Notice of Appeal to Circuit Court ) (blc, Dpty Clk) (Entered: 08/26/2022)
2022-08-268PRELIMINARY RECORD Sent to Circuit Court (Re: 7 Notice of Appeal to Circuit Court ) (blc, Dpty Clk) (Entered: 08/26/2022)
2022-08-269APPEAL NUMBER INFORMATION from Circuit Court assigning Case Number 22-5074 (#7) (Re: 7 Notice of Appeal to Circuit Court ) (sc, Dpty Clk) (Entered: 08/26/2022)
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