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Case TitleFriedman Rubin PLLP v. United States of America et al
DistrictWestern District of Washington
Case Number2:2023cv01499
Date Filed2023-09-26
Date ClosedOpen
JudgeJudge John H. Chun
PlaintiffFriedman Rubin PLLP
Case DescriptionMichael White, on behalf of the law firm of Friedman Rubin PLLP, submitted a FOIA request to the Department of Navy for records concerning contracts between the Navy and Oceaneering International for use of the vessel R/V Petrol. The agency acknowledged receipt of the request but after hearing nothing further from the agency, White filed suit.
Complaint issues: Failure to respond within statutory time limit, Litigation - Attorney's fees

DefendantUnited States of America
DefendantUnited States Department of the Navy
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2023-09-261COMPLAINT FOR INJUNCTIVE RELIEF AND DAMAGES against defendant(s) Friedman Rubin PLLP (Receipt # AWAWDC-8179396) Attorney Michael N White added to party Friedman Rubin PLLP(pty:pla) filed by Friedman Rubin PLLP. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet, # 2 Summons US Attorney WA, # 3 Summons Attorney General DC, # 4 Summons Dept of Navy)(White, Michael) (Attachment 1 replaced on 9/28/2023 due to malformed PDF) (CDA). (Entered: 09/26/2023)
2023-09-262CORPORATE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT indicating no Corporate Parents and/or Affiliates. Filed pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P 7.1(a)(1). Filed by Friedman Rubin PLLP. (White, Michael) (Entered: 09/26/2023)
2023-09-28Judge John H. Chun added. (MG) (Entered: 09/28/2023)
2023-09-283Summons(es) Electronically Issued as to defendant(s) United States Department of the Navy, United States of America (Attachments: # 1 Summons, # 2 Summons) (MG) (Entered: 09/28/2023)
2023-11-014NOTICE of Appearance by attorney Katie Denise Fairchild on behalf of Defendants United States Department of the Navy, United States of America. (Fairchild, Katie) (Entered: 11/01/2023)
2023-11-015ANSWER to 1 Complaint, AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES by United States Department of the Navy, United States of America.(Fairchild, Katie) (Entered: 11/01/2023)
2023-12-046ORDER REGARDING INITIAL DISCLOSURES AND JOINT STATUS REPORT by Judge John H. Chun. Joint Status Report due by 1/8/2024, FRCP 26(f) Conference Deadline is 12/18/2023, Initial Disclosure Deadline is 1/2/2024. (AD) (Entered: 12/04/2023)
2024-01-087Stipulated MOTION to Stay and Joint Status Report , filed by All Defendants. Noting Date 1/8/2024, (Fairchild, Katie) (Entered: 01/08/2024)
2024-01-098ORDER granting Parties' 7 Stipulated MOTION to Stay. This litigation is stayed for 60 days, following which the parties will provide a status report to this Court apprising the Court if this matter has resolved, or potentially proposing a briefing schedule for resolution of this FOIA case. Signed by Judge John H. Chun. (SB) (Entered: 01/09/2024)
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by FOIA Project Staff
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