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Merit Systems Protection Board

Mission statement: "The Merit Systems Protection Board is an independent, quasi-judicial agency whose mission is to protect the Merit Systems Principles and promote an effective Federal workforce free of Prohibited Personnel Practices. "

Where Suits are Filed

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Cases filed within: 7 days 30 days over 30 days
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Statistics on Lawsuits*

Key Indicators
1 Suit filed against MSPB in FY 2016
11 Suits filed since 2001
1 Suit still pending
12 Suits closed
0 Suits taking over 24 months
1 Suit taking over 21 months
Lawsuits Filed by Year
*based on FOIA nature of suit


Would you like us to consider your request to MSPB or lawsuit against MSPB as a FOIA Project Case Spotlight?
If so, use the comments box below to send us your contact information. We'll be in touch to ask you for the documents related to your request. You can also upload those documents yourself using our user-submitted document tool.

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by Michael Hasan
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